NOR Coaching, Professionnal coaching




People are asking myself what does that makes a coach? I answer by a qestion: what aspect of your professional or personal life you want to develop or change?


Jean Pierre Fortin, MCC, founder of Management Coaching Inc., defined coaching as follows:

“Coaching is an interactive process between a client or group of clients and a professional coach. It aims to achieve faster and more efficient business or personal and professional development targets.The coach focus on what is most important to you.


We will direct you to what you can achieve better with faster results. You will remain in control. The coach will provide you with all his experience, knowledge, skills and network to help you succeed on what you want to undertake.


While a coach provides feedback and helps its customers to provide solid targets, the client remains responsible for doing what it takes to get the results he wants. The role of the coach is to see what is needed to succeed, to go further, to be more efficient, to overcome difficulties more easily. The coach is the one who brings out the means and actions to respond to situations faster and more efficiently. ”


NOR Coaching was founded by Latifa Brahimi in 2010, experienced professional coach and trainer, she supports you in achieving your goal by directing spot over the desired development path.